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Retail Masterclass

Deane Parkes has been active in many aspects of Natural Health Retailing for decades and has trained and coached thousands of retailers across the continent.


Deane and other industry experts share insights, training, and strategies to implement in your retail operation.


Every week provides a new golden nugget to try with your business.


  • Customer Service and Sales

    The best way to get people to return to your store to buy from you is to provide great customer service. That means providing information and advice they trust and providing solutions. 

  • Merchandising

    Often the difference between a struggling store and a thriving store is merchandising. The store needs to look inviting with displays that look like the store has what the customer is looking for.

  • Promotions

    Inside and outside promotions can boost sales significantly. Customer Appreciation Days. Special Events. Product Demonstrations.  Sales and Coupons. Advertising. Press Releases. Social Media Marketing, and more.

  • Staff Training

    Failure to train staff properly is like flushing money down the drain. Nothing drives customers to the next store like incompetent, unprepared, rude, and indifferent staff.  Teach your staff about your values, your products, your systems, and how to provide great customer service.

  • Leadership

    Provide strong leadership for your team and encourage leadership in others.  

  • Management

    There are a lot of moving parts to keep the inventory fresh and matching demand, the cash flowing, and everyone else in the business working like a well oiled machine.


Dave Fuller

We had Deane Parkes come into our store and train our staff and we used his online training.


Not only did our staff see the benefit and have more confidence in doing their job and interacting with customers, but we saw our sales increase.


I would recommend every health food retailer that wants to save time in their training and enjoy the benefits of a more educated employee take advantage of these programs.




Rick Payant

I am so excited to hear that Deane will be launching a training website for retailers!


My past experience with Deane has been extremely positive, inspirational and helpful. Deane's knowledge, experience and dedication to customer service, team building and employee engagement is evident in all that he is involved in within the health food industry.


His passion and authenticity coupled with clear, simple and relevant delivery of information makes it a pleasure to listen to him.



Jason Sebesav

I was so delighted with Deane Parkes’ recent talk at our store staff meeting! Deane mixes retail smarts, common-sense manners and heartfelt, often humorous anecdotes to deliver a well-rounded and inspiring presentation. The way he incorporated our store’s own core values into the content of his talk was not only clever but sincere and effective. Our employees were genuinely moved and inspired. I’ve also featured some of Deane’s “Free Range Retailing” videos at other staff meetings, and his unique customer service tips have been similarly well-received. Deane has worn many hats over the years in the natural health industry and this breadth of perspective is evident in person as well as on screen.

How the Masterclass
is Delivered

We are building a huge repository of video, articles, action checklists, and resources in an online membership area.


What we are offering today is to send an email each week with a video lesson, transcript, important takeaway points, and a downloadable action checklist for you to try in your business.


Implementing the weekly strategies will boost sales right away.


Everything sent to you by email and much more will be available in a rapidly growing set of resources in your membership area.  


You can choose what you want to learn and implement at any time.

  • Weekly Lesson and Action Plan

    Learn a strategy a week and implement to grow your business. 

  • Online Members Resources

    Access all of the weekly lessons and much much more in your members area. This will grow over time.

  • Webinars

    We will invite you to regular webinars where we present strategies and answer questions.

  • Q & A

    We welcome questions and suggestions.  We will share the best responses in the members area.

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