Is the 7 Day Retail Booster Pack For You?

The booster pack is for you if you are a retailer and want to improve your business in these areas:

  • You Want Your Business to Make a Great First Impression

  • You Want To Improve Customer Sales

  • You Want Loyal Customers That Keep Coming Back

  • You Want to Create Effective Teams

  • You Want to Increase Sales Through Great Customer Service

  • You Want to Make The Best Use of Your Retail Space

  • You Want to Extend Your Reach Into The Community


Daily Lessons to Boost Your Business

You will receive one lesson a day in your inbox for 7 days

Implement some or all of the actions and track your business growth

  • Would Your Store Survive a First Date?

    Walk through your business as though you meeting it for the first time on a date to catch problems that are costing you customers.

  • Inventory Mistakes That Drive Your Customers to Your Competition

    There are four fixable issues that cause customers to go elsewhere and never come back.

  • Are Your Employees Working For You or Against You?

    Although it can be difficult to recruit and retain qualified staff, poor training or poor attitude can cost your business dearly.

  • Easy Steps to Increase Sales and Reduce Theft

     Surprising easy and fun things can make a big difference.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

    Building a loyal customer base is much less expensive and more important to your profitability than attracting new customers.

  • Build Your Tribe

    How to extend your reach into the community.

  • Sample Your Way to Success

    Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Bakeries, Chocolateers, Breweries, and more use samples to boost sales. You can too.

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